Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We arrived at the Missionary Training Center (MTC)  in Provo, Utah on the 22nd and have been in training sessions since then.  It is exciting to be "on our way" even though we have not left the country yet.  Our actual departure will be on Thursday afternoon, June 27th,  from Salt Lake City and we will travel all night and arrive in Santiago on Friday morning. 

The training here at the MTC has been amazing.  The speakers have included our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and all of the other General Authorities/Leaders of the church.  Some of the training is doctrinal and other parts are focused on the day-to-day work of being missionaries. Of the 173 couples like us that are here to be trained 119 of us were called to serve in 49 foreign countries while 54 will go to the US.  123 of us are from the US and 50 come from 20 different countries.  It is a very diverse group in many ways and we are all going to have the same but different experience depending on our background and our assignment in the world.  There are 405 missions in the world now and over 70,000 missionaries. 

The MTC is also the temporary home for about six weeks for young missionaries that are headed out into the world where they learn about being missionaries and obtain essential language skills if they are called to speak a foreign language.  There are 12 young Elders and Sisters here being trained that will arrive in Rancagua Chile on July 16th and we had the chance to meet with them the other evening.  They are wonderful and we look forward to working with them. 

Next post will be from Chile.  Until then--Hasta luego.