Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mission Tour and Pelequén

Hello from Chile—if you are reading this you are back for another dose of the Warne`s mission.  This week was one we have been waiting for and planning for since we got here.  Every mission has a mission tour once a year where a general authority of the church comes to visit and hold zone conferences.  Our general authority this year was Elder Viñas of the Seventy and his wife.

            They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, to stay with us for two nights.  We immediately went into a meeting with the assistants, Elder Viñas and his wife and President and myself.  President and the assistants were extremely well prepared with a booklet outlining the schedule, mission stats and also a power point presentation.

            That night we had a devotional in Rancagua which was very well attended, considering it was a school night and didn’t begin until 8:00 p.m.  Wednesday and Thursday we held conferences, dividing the mission in half, which meant around 150 each day.  It was a challenge to feed lunch to that many missionaries efficiently.  The senior couples did a great job down in Curicò and again in Rancagua. This is the picture of half of the mission that met in Curicó.  We are seated right in the middle.  

            Elder Viñas did a wonderful job of speaking to the missionaries, in the devotionals and in giving President counsel about the state of the mission.  He spoke about having quality baptisms, being obedient and real growth.  We didn’t really understand the concept of real growth until we came here but it is a major and worthy goal for us to try and achieve.   I’m amazed at the hard work required of general authorities in so many ways—after our tour, two long days, he went straight to a stake reorganization in the north of Chile.

            On a lighter note, for our P-day on Saturday, we went with three other senior couples to a feria or swap meet in a town called Pelequén which is about 40 minutes south of Rancagua.  We saw some very interesting things for sale, curtains for example and a toilet! along with the usual toys from China and jewelry or t-shirts. 

            On our way home we went to a restaurant for lunch to celebrate Sister B’s birthday.  Some had been there before which was good, because they knew to order food for four and then we had enough for 12.  When the missionaries go there, of course leftovers are not an issue.

The last picture is of a group of our missionaries after the District Conference in Buin today.  A district conference is like a stake conference.  President Warne spoke three times. Sister Warne supported him from behind! The building was overflowing which is a wonderful problem that needs to be fixed before the next conference.  Have a wonderful week!

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