Sunday, July 5, 2015

Futbol in Chile

            First of all this week, I would like to thank you for reading this blog and also, thanks to those who sent messages through their missionaries.  I really appreciate your kind words.
            Second, my topic this week is a little outside the norm, but it has definitely affected all the missionaries and their schedule.  I am referring to the Copa America soccer (futbol) tournament which has been going on here in Chile for the last three weeks.  Two of the preliminary games were played at the Rancagua stadium.  City workers spent months sprucing up the city in anticipation of the visitors for the games.  We are really hoping they will keep up their efforts.
            The tournament has affected our schedule and thus, all the missionaries, because we asked that they stay in their houses during each game.  Chileans take their soccer very seriously and the excitement and tension has grown with each game until last night when they won over Argentina.  We were concerned about missionary safety since alcohol and sports seem to go together no matter in what country the games occur.  Also, people who might otherwise be interested in talking to the missionaries are not interested in hearing our message during a game.
             We hope the hours they have spent in their houses have been at least somewhat productive.  We ask that they do a deep cleaning.  Another time they went out early and worked  and then used the time to do their studies.  
            Of course, we are very interested in keeping our missionaries safe.  Recently, we received direction from the area presidency about changes they would like to see in the sister’s houses.  During the next three weeks we plan to inspect these houses or apartments and decide if they should change houses or whether we can add safety features that will make them as secure as possible.
            If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email President Warne—he will be happy to discuss them with you.  See you next week.
Rancagua even changed their bus stops!

Two games were held here in Rancagua stadium

Can't resist adding this picture of our new trainers
a wonderful group!

Going home group from last Monday--
we sure will miss them.


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