Sunday, September 13, 2015

Testimony and peace

     Today I would like to share with you a testimony building experience that I had on Thursday.  We are in the midst of zone conferences but because of the holiday this week--dieciocho or the Chilean Independence Day we decided to have new missionary training a week early.  You probably remember this is the meeting when we bring back all the new missionaries and their trainers from the last transfer for additional teaching.  We hope they have been in the mission long enough to realize that additional help is a good idea.  Plus they are excited about seeing friends from the MTC and having a nice lunch.

     Anyway, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself since Thursday was the day for a nephew's wedding back in Utah and I knew almost all of my family would be together.  Sometimes 6,000 miles seems extremely far from home.  That morning I prayed for assistance with getting through the day with a good attitude.  During one part of the training we divide into groups for a practice about how to begin teaching an investigator.  In my role as the investigator, as I was listening to my group teach of the blessings to be found in the gospel, I had a very strong witness that I was in the right place and felt a real peace about being here in Chile and with the missionaries.

     I am so grateful for that blessing and witness.  I am grateful for the growth I have experienced in our mission.  As I say often, it is a privilege to know and serve with these young missionaries, representatives of Jesus Christ.  Our time with them is short but life changing for us and hopefully for them as well.  I know that we are doing the Lord's work as we serve here in Chile along with many thousands of others worldwide. The example set for me by the missionaries always gives me a goal towards which to strive; I hope to be like them in their ability to feel the Spirit, to find and teach and baptize.  I am grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven, and I share these thoughts with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Yep, it is time for zone conference lunches again.  They are
pretty happy with the menu this time.  Salisbury steak, mashed
potatoes, fruit, bread and blueberry zucchini cake.

Good food and good sisters is a great combination

I can't resist these group shots.  The missionaries love trying to
keep their eyes open all at the same time!

We always like to have a special musical number and these two
sounded lovely doing the verses in English and Spanish.

This is the group for new training.  We are so happy with how
far they have come in a short time.  It is hard to believe that
the next group arrives next week.

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