Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time to train again

            Every third month our focus is on specialized training.  This means that President decides in what area the missionaries need to improve.  The training format can be also be done however he feels is best.  We have tried a variety of methods; two times we held workshops, which the missionaries enjoyed, although teaching one class 35 times can be a little monotonous.  Other times we have had zone conference type meetings.  This month, because of the transfer date right in the middle, which makes it difficult to get to each zone, we came up with a new plan:

            Last week we held three meetings which included the zone leaders, district leaders and coordinadoras.  President and the assistants each presented a concept, then everyone practiced.  The idea is that the leaders will return to the weekly district meetings each Wednesday in April to teach and practice these concepts, which includes learning to improve teaching methods by presenting concepts more simply and in shorter lessons.  Investigators do not need an hourlong lesson each time nor do they need a complex and hard to understand lesson.  Investigators need to understand the reasons why the lessons are important, and why commitment to change is crucial.  They need to have spiritual experiences and be able to understand when they are feeling the influence of the spirit.

            Now for the rest of the month we and the assistants will split up to attend all the district meetings to observe how the teaching is going and help with the practices.  Hopefully by relying on the leaders to train the missionaries, everyone will be able to learn and improve. 

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