Sunday, June 12, 2016

Faithful members

            Today we attended for the last time in a little branch in Peralillo.  There were four of us in Relief Society.  The branch president’s wife taught the lesson and also taught Gospel Doctrine.  The primary consisted of two grandchildren brought by one of the hermanas and then the teacher.  I’m listing all of these facts for two reasons:
            First is to say that even though we have spent the last three years in Chile serving and doing our best, much remains to be done.  I have joked with President that we have been like a finger in water.  Once it is pulled out, no effect is left.  However, the Lord has the long view and we labor in His vineyard under His direction.  The missionaries in Peralillo have a responsibility to support the branch as much as they do to find and teach investigators.
            The second reason is to show the faithfulness of these members.  It must be hard to come every Sunday and know there will be so few, but they do it.  The branch has activities and invites everyone.  We attended their Relief Society celebration at which there were more nonmembers than members.  We have a great admiration for these members and those in many other small units in our mission or anywhere.

            We will take home with us the memories of the wonderful people of Chile, the hard work they do and we pray that the Harris’ will make a lot more progress than we did.
             For pictures this week, I've included some from the zone conferences we had this week: a group picture, sisters who helped me in the kitchen, lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches, musical numbers, and also one of President with the office elders.

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