Sunday, August 25, 2013

Driving and Uniting Families in Christ

Here we go again—another week in Chile.  If all the weeks fly by as fast as this one did, our mission will be over soon!  You know what they say—a busy bee is a happy bee.
            Since President Warne used to be a civil engineer working in the transportation industry we have done an informal study of the roads here in Chile.  Actually we do that wherever we go.  Anyway, the roads here are in generally great shape.  The main road we use is a toll road called Route 5.  We use it all the time. One fellow told the joke that the Spaniards came and conquered Chile all those years ago and now that they have built the toll roads and charge Chileans to drive on them so they have conquered the country again.  We have put about 5,000 miles on the car in the last two months so we speak from experience.  One unwritten rule here is that if you put on your permiso lights (emergency flashers) you can park anywhere, even in the middle of a busy road.  President has parked on the sidewalk, on the basketball court at the chapels and a couple of other unorthodox places.  This picture is of President´s parking job on the sidewalk in front of the chapel in Curicó.  Sidewalks are becoming his favorite parking spot.  For those that know President Warne you are probably surprised by his flexibility in driving habits.  He will definitely have to relearn some things, but for now he is enjoying it.
            Last night we went to the baptism of a man who has been an investigator for nine years.  It shows that the Lord never gives up on us.  His wife has been patiently waiting for him to gain a testimony and now they can be united in serving the Lord and in having a forever family.  There was also a man baptized last night in Guadalupe who has now joined the rest of his family as a member of the church.  One of the great impacts we are able to have is uniting families in Christ.  The joy and happiness that comes to those who do so is indescribable. 
            We also attended a devotional in another town.  It was amazing and gratifying to see the chapel filled on a Saturday night for this meeting.  President did a great job of speaking about the Book of Mormon.  As I looked from the stand at the missionaries attending—about 25 or so, my heart was filled with love for them and all the others in our mission; for the hard work they do and the sacrifices they make to serve the Lord by coming to Chile and teaching people about Jesus Christ. 

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