Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Purpose-Bring People Unto Christ

Another busy week in the Misión Chile Rancagua has come and almost gone.  We say almost because you never you really know what will happen until it is truly the end of the day on Sunday and then sometimes you realize your day didn´t end even then.  The work progresses on two fronts.  First, we are doing traditional missionary work by seeking out people who want to hear the gospel, teaching them and then baptizing them and having them receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  However, the missionary purpose as found in Preach My Gospel (or for those that are following us in Spanish--Predicad Mi Evangelio) goes one step further and says that we should help these converts persevere to the end.  The second part of our work has to do with this principle of assisting members persevere to the end.  It means we are spending much time working with recent converts and those who need a little extra help to either stay strong or get stronger through further teaching and fellowshiping by the missionaries.  We recently had a family of 14 come to church in a small branch with three of them already active participants, four of them being non-members and the rest being less active in the church.  This is their picture above.  They are now all attending church and three of the four non-members are receiving the lessons.  This missionary work we are doing is uniting families, strengthening those who need it, baptizing those you aren´t yet familiar with the church and helping everyone progress to the point that they can return to our Heavenly Father.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the 12 said that our purpose is to open the doors of the Celestial Kingdom to God´s children.  (PME, pg. 9)  We are trying to do just that.

About two weeks ago President Warne went out to work with the Elders while Sister Warne went with the Sisters in a town called Machalí.  President Warne had the opportunity to teach an older gentleman with the Elders the final lesson prior to his baptism.  A few days later the Elders asked him who he wanted to baptize him.  After thinking for a minute he said, "What about that "caballero" who was here the other night?  He probably has lots of experience--more than you younger Elders."  So, President Warne performed his first baptism a few days later in Machalí.  Little did he know but President Warne hadn´t baptized anyone in 14 years...since Christopher was eight.  Our Elders have a lot more experience than does President Warne.  The baptism went well and President Warne was honored to perform this beautiful saving ordinance for such a fine man.

Today has been busy with church in a small branch named Peralillo.  Peralillo is about an hour and a half southwest of Rancagua.  It is a beautiful drive and there isn´t much traffic on Sunday
morning.  The chapel is just across from probably the most beautiful town square we have seen since arriving.  In the Spring we will include a picture when everything is in bloom.  The 15 saints in Peralillo are strong and the Spirit powerful.  We had a wonderful experience and feel blessed to be among such faithful saints.  President Warne is in charge of almost 20 branches of the church here--many of which are just like Peralillo so every Sunday we are attending one of them.  It is always a highlight of our week.  Have a wonderful week.  Chau from Rancagua. 

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