Sunday, January 5, 2014

Traveling in the Misión Chile Rancagua

This is the first week of 2014, but here in the Chile  The only concession we made was to have our missionaries return home by seven p.m. on December 31 for safety reasons. 
Ruta 5 that runs through our mission
Rancagua mission we worked right through the holidays.

Today we wanted to describe some of the cities in our mission since we spend many hours each week driving to and from each of them.  If you have looked at a map of Chile you have seen it is very long and narrow.  Our mission boundary starts about one-half hour south of Santiago in a town called Buin.  We have two zones there, plus a wonderful senior couple.  Ruta 5 is a toll road we use every day.  Traveling south to Rancagua takes about 45 minutes and includes passing through several small towns with branches.
We have four zones in Rancagua, which is a city of about 200,000.  Further south is San Fernando, 45 minutes with one zone and kind of a gateway to Santa Cruz, one zone and one-half hour, then San Vicente, one zone and one-half hour in the other direction.  Going west toward the Pacific brings you to the beach town of Pichilemu with a beautiful chapel up on the hill.  Back on Ruta 5 we head for Curico, two zones and one hour from Rancagua.  One more hour south leads to Talca and two more zones. 
The chapel in Pichilemu-on the hill. 
The furthest point in our mission is Constitucion, a little pueblo also on the ocean.  It is four hours from Rancagua by car.  The missionaries from Conti, as we call it, travel two hours by bus to Talca each week for district meeting. 
Today we drove to Linderos branch for church which is close to Buin.  Afterwards President Warne dropped me off at home and drove to San Fernando for a meeting.  This month we will do special training and head straight into interviews so we will visit every town with a zone listed above at least twice.  It is a lot of driving!  We have time to do a lot of planning for and thinking about our missionaries.  We love being together so much.

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