Sunday, January 26, 2014

Girl's camp and sister missionaries

     We had such a great experience this week we knew we wanted to share it with everyone.  On Tuesday night President Warne had been asked to speak at girl's camp for the Tupahue stake.  We were very curious to see what girl's camp would be like here in Chile.  President asked two sister missionaries to go with us and bear their testimonies so we met them at the Tupahue stake center as well as the counselor in the stake presidency so he could show us the way.
     We had a great time visiting with the two sisters for the half hour drive there.  They are some of the best missionaries in our mission; friendly and personable, yet with very strong testimonies and an ability to connect with people here in Chile.  We were all curious to see what the place was like.  After all it hasn't been that long since those two attended girl's camp themselves.
     The camp was a beautiful area with amazing views of the mountains.  The counselor told us that the area had also been used for World Jamboree with 40,000 boy scouts camped there.  Fortunately it was much more peaceful the night we went.  There were about 45 girls plus their leaders, and very typical,

with tents and picnic tables and young women everywhere.  
     We had a short program, where of course the sisters did a great job, and President also bore his testimony.  As usual, I gave great support from the back.  They graciously invited us to stay for dinner or la cena as it is called in Spanish.  It was delicious: we had grilled pork steak, fresh salad, with the Chilean dressing of fresh lemon juice, potato salad and bread.  
     Even though we were only there about 1 1/2 hours, it was a great experience and a testimony to me that the church program works everywhere and is meant for everyone.  We truly are a worldwide church and we are all working towards the same goal: bringing people to Christ and membership in the true church. I'm thankful for leaders who train young women so they can be wonderful missionaries!

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