Sunday, February 2, 2014


This week we had a couple of interesting experiences which I would like to share with you.  We have been steadily doing interviews for two and a half weeks but since President Warne is also in charge of the districts in our mission, he had the opportunity to release a missionary from his two years of service and also set apart a missionary who was called to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Chepica is a little pueblo or town about one and one-half hours from Rancagua.  The branch includes about 25 active members.  It is great, because when we attended for the first time last July, about 12 would come each week.  Anyway, we drove down one evening and met the family and some of their friends at the little chapel.  Chepica is a picturesque little town with a beautiful plaza across the street from the church.  The members and sister missionaries had decorated the room (cultural hall, chapel, you name it) with balloons and decorations in green and yellow, the colors of Brazil.
President Warne interviewed the missionary to make sure all was well, and then we all gathered in the room, where he said a few words, the missionary mom thanked everyone and shed a few tears, then President did the setting apart prayer.  As the first missionary from that branch, the young man is setting a great example for others by being willing to leave a very small town and serve the Lord in the very large city of Sao Paulo.

Proud mom and new missionary
As I’ve said before, missionary life is one of change, and this was a real privilege for us to see a missionary begin the process; as we try to help our missionaries grow and develop into strong, lifelong representatives of Jesus Christ. 
Sister missionaries in Chepica

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