Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daily schedule

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our missionaries, which I would like to do again today.  After all, they are our purpose for being in Chile.  Today I would like to explain about the missionary schedule.  The schedule for Chilean missions is a little different than other missions but here it is:

7:30—get up, pray, exercise (30 min.), get dressed, 8:00--breakfast
                9:30—Personal study, 10:30—Companion study,
    11:30—language study
                12:00—go out for proselyting
                1:30—lunch, 3:00—study time
                4:00—10:00--proselyting,  10:00-11:00—planning
                11:00—once (dinner), journal writing, prayer, prepare for bed

                Monday is called preparation day, with a slightly altered schedule which allows for grocery shopping, laundry, writing home, (hopefully) cleaning house and occasional activities.  On Wednesdays, missionaries attend district or zone meetings, and of course, church on Sunday. 
                This schedule is highly regimented but when the missionaries follow it, they are taking the first steps for success.  Obedience is crucial in a missionary`s life for protection, for the best use of their time, and for the blessings of our Savior.
                We are training missionaries not only for their time here in Chile but also for their future lives.  Hopefully they will realize the benefits of planning their day, including getting up early and keeping to a schedule, even it if it isn`t quite as strict.
      Our purpose here in the mission field is to bring people to Christ so they can feel the joy of learning to know the Savior and being a part of His true church.  Keeping this schedule helps missionaries serve the Savior in this crucial work.  
Four of our amazing sister missionaries
 Thank you for supporting this blog and supporting (hopefully) missionaries wherever you are.
These missionaries are going home!

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