Sunday, February 23, 2014

Santiago Seminar

This week we had a marvelous opportunity which I am excited to share with you.  Twice a year we have a training seminar with all the mission presidents in the South American South area.  As you probably know, the world has been divided into areas, for administrative and missionary purposes.  Our area includes Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, which have 28 missions in all.

The meeting this time was held in Santiago at the Marriott.  Since that is our favorite hotel, we definitely looked forward to spending a couple of days there.  On Tuesday we gathered first at the Missionary Training Center for lunch.  We were well entertained with a small choir accompanied by several different dances.  It was short but very well done.  After lunch we split into groups for two different temple sessions.  We were glad to be included in the Spanish speaking session since we are trying to learn it in the language of our mission.  Tuesday night we had a very nice buffet dinner at the Marriott.  Since we usually do not eat dinner, we had to sacrifice and try everything.  Elder Rasband, of the Presidency of the Seventy sat at our table to get better acquainted.  It was a good opportunity for us to learn a little about the other presidents and wives at the table.

Wednesday was the day of training.  Elder Ballard of the Twelve Apostles presided, and Elder Rasband facilitated the training.  Also the Area Presidency, Elders Gonzalez, Zeballos, and Viñas sat at the dais and contributed.  Elder Rasband said they were giving it to us with a fire hose, which was apt, since we spent most of the day taking notes as fast as possible.  It was a great opportunity to have new information, but also to review how we are doing in our mission.  We definitely need to change in order to work harder and faster at hastening the Lord’s work.  
They helped us understand better that Jesus Christ is waiting to help us, but that He also has high expectations about what should be happening.  He has prepared people in Chile and everywhere to be ready for the gospel and we need to go out and find them.  I would challenge any who read this blog to do the same—go and find someone who is ready to hear the gospel, then bring in the missionaries to teach and baptize.  You will be blessed!

Their daughter is coming to our mission!

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