Sunday, March 2, 2014

Real growth in San Fernando

Today we attended a district conference in San Fernando, which was really amazing.  The speakers were great and a youth choir sang a medley of I Am A Child Of God and Called To Serve.  It was very inspiring.  Probably as I can understand more each time, I am able to learn more.

But I don't have to understand each talk to feel the Spirit and also feel the spirit of the people in Chile.  Today I felt strongly that they are working hard to improve themselves and grow in the gospel just as members do everywhere.

Members in Chile have challenges which are perhaps unique to this country, such as not having cars when the meetings are far away. As we came into the parking lot we saw members getting out of the bus hired to transport them from the distant towns.  Another difficulty is that many are returning from inactivity or are new members who need to relearn or learn for the first time the doctrines of salvation.

Our missionaries are working hard to help members, recent converts and returning inactives to be strong and to make the church in Chile even stronger.  The church leaders talk about real growth and I have come to understand what that phrase means.  It means not just baptizing, or reactivating but making sure these people stay in the church who then, in turn, serve.  In this way, we can help our Savior as he has asked us to do.

We are serving here in Chile, but each has responsibilities to serve wherever they may be.  We pray that you may also look around you and see those who are ready to embrace the joy of knowing our Savior and the happiness to be found in knowing revealed truths.  Blessings will follow as you pray for help and find people for the missionaries to teach.
Just a few of our fabulous missionaries

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