Monday, March 31, 2014

Missionaries Training

In previous posts, I have mentioned more than once that missionary work involves lots of training.  Today I would like to talk about the missionaries and what a great job they do of training each other.

Each week missionaries meet together for training.  Once a month the zone leaders present the topics we discussed in the mission leadership council.  The district leaders teach during the other three weeks.  It is amazing to see the dedication and talent shown by these leaders.  They have a clear focus in helping missionaries report on and be accountable for their investigators.  District and zone leaders also teach their respective groups how to be better missionaries: finding, teaching, baptizing.

In the last two training sessions we have held for zone leaders and coordinadoras, they have been assigned to present various topics.  Without exception, they have done amazing jobs.  I had not realized before that one of the benefits of a mission is learning to teach not just investigators, but also other missionaries.  In yesterday’s special training for zone leaders, one elder taught how to effectively train a district leader and another covered how to hold an effective district meeting.

These young men and women are dedicated to the Savior and His work, and in doing so they are blessed as they mature into leaders and teachers who can return home to serve in home wards and branches.  They are the future of the church and we are so grateful for the opportunity to know and serve with them.

This is a picture of four of our amazing Coordinadoras from a recent training session. 

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