Sunday, April 6, 2014

Earthquakes and Elder Archuleta

It has been a busy week in the Chile Rancagua Mission.  Most will have heard about the earthquake in Iquique Chile earlier in the week.  It was a magnitude 8.2 which is a strong earthquake.  We did not even feel it since we are about 1100 miles south of there but were alerted to the chance of a tsunami along the Pacific coast so we had our missionaries in one town move further inland and to higher ground but figured the others in a different town were far enough away and high enough that they were not in danger.  Other than that we were largely protected for which we are grateful.  We pray for those up north and are grateful for their preservation.  We did send out an email to all the parents in Spanish and English the next morning assuring them that their sons and daughters were safe.  We have blogged about our preparations for just such events.  Each missionary has their emergency backpack and we have a plan for how everyone is supposed to react if something happens.  For the parents reading this blog please be assured that we are taking appropriate precautions at all times.

We started our Zone Conferences for the month of April in San Fernando.  We will do 11 in total over the next two and a half weeks.  With this month being the celebration of Easter we are focusing on the attributes of the Savior and our efforts to become more Christ-like as a mission.  We will share more on this later.

Finally, you may be interested in going to and viewing the special on Elder Archuleta´s return from his missionary service in the Chile Rancagua Mission.  He served with honor and distinction and was humble and faithful in every way.  The special is well done and there are even some cameo parts featuring President and Sister Warne.  You will definitely get a feel for life in the mission here as you watch him go through his daily activities.  This is the picture we took of  the Elders in his house when we picked him up to go to the airport for his return.

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