Sunday, April 13, 2014

April zone conferences

                Let’s talk about zone conferences!  Yes, it is that time of the quarter when we meet for training with each zone.  Since this is the month of Easter and general conference, we decided to focus on becoming more like Christ.
                We are mostly meeting with each zone individually, which means 11 days worth of conferences.  When we go to Talca and Curico we will have one zone in the morning, meet together for lunch and have the other zone in the afternoon.  We are also doing influenza vaccinations as mandated by the Missionary Department.
                First, President Warne shows pictures from our trip to Israel and shares stories from the Bible and from the life of Christ.  Then I give a talk about why and how we should become more like the Savior.  Nine of the missionaries give a short talk about different aspects of the Savior, such as faith, patience, love, humility, obedience and so on.  We are challenging each of us to work on one aspect each month as we try to become more worthy individually and as a mission. 
                During a break we provide homemade muffins, fruit and juice boxes as a snack.  During this time they also fill out a survey about our mission web page.  After the break we have a special musical number; we are always happy about the musical talent in our mission.  Then the assistants give a demonstration about how to teach investigators about Christ and we break in to groups for a practice.  To finish up, President gives a great talk about the Atonement.
                Before lunch we give them their vaccinations; they are mostly very brave and smile during the whole thing.  Lunch is tortilla chips with chili, fruit cocktail, and a peanut butter chocolate bar.  We try to have plenty for everyone.   After lunch, the elders in charge of apartments parcel out blankets, heaters, ironing boards and other household items.  We are making a concerted push to improve  living conditions for our missionaries.

                And there you have it!  We really appreciate the senior couples who are helping with the snack and lunch, with the shots, and the household items.  We love them and all of our missionaries!
Time for flu shots!  Even the president gets one.

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