Sunday, April 27, 2014


     Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend two baptisms.  We always try to go to one on Saturday night, but this week President Warne had interviewed one young sister, and we also went with the sister missionaries to a lesson with a mother and her daughter.  They asked us to come and since the two were at different times, we were able to.   The son/brother was baptized nine months ago and was a wonderful influence in helping to convert his family.
     Members of the wards and branches are very supportive about attending baptisms.  Often the Relief Society president welcomes a new sister.  This time a young woman bore a touching testimony about how membership has changed her life.  The branch president or bishop is often there to preside and/or give a talk. 
     Of course the missionaries are an integral part of any baptism.  They sing special musical numbers, bring refreshments, lead the singing, open and close the buildings, take pictures, give talks, and do whatever else needs to be done.   Here in Chile, confirmations are always done in church the next day.

     Baptisms are the reward for the hard work missionaries do day after day.  To witness the joy of a newly baptized member and realize they have made the commitment to come unto Christ is an unforgettable experience.  We are so grateful for our dedicated missionaries who follow the Spirit to find those prepared for the Gospel and for members who help with references, attend lessons and baptisms and of course feed them well.  Thank you for all you do in your wards and branches as well.  What will you do this week to help the work?  
We love baptisms!
Next time we will show elders, but don't they look great?

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