Sunday, May 4, 2014

A trip to Santiago

We had a wonderful experience on Tuesday of last week that I'd like to share with you.  Missionaries who are going home may attend the temple one time during their last transfer.  We don't have a temple in our mission boundaries but we are blessed to have the Santiago temple close enough for this to happen.  The missionaries eagerly look forward to the opportunity, especially since many of them live many hours from the temple closest to their home.
     We were invited by an elder to go with them (14 this time!) which we were very happy to do.  Then President Warne was notified of a new opportunity for mission presidents to help the missionaries during the session as a temple worker.  We were so glad we were already planning to go.  Now it will be a privilege and a tradition every six weeks as missionaries are getting ready to return home to attend the temple with them.
      Everything worked out wonderfully.  The session was full of our missionaries and also missionaries from the Santiago West mission.  The Santiago temple is beautiful inside and out and the weather was warm and sunny.  As we were taking pictures after, outside the MTC, we met some of the missionaries who will be arriving on Tuesday, definitely a bonus.
      One elder knew of a Brazilian style restaurant so several of us went there for lunch.  It was a Chilean style Brazilian restaurant which was interesting but the food was good and the company excellent.  I don't think the restaurant made a profit on those elders.  They sure can eat!
      Any time we can spend with then missionaries is time well spent.  We are confident we are sending home young men and women who are strong in the gospel and ready to help wherever they are assigned in their home units.  It is a privilege for us to know them and serve with them here in Chile.  Thanks for reading.
These missionaries are going home.

These sisters will join us on Tuesday, plus 15 more.

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