Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baptisms and the future

Last night we attended a baptism.  I know that isn’t a surprise since I have mentioned it before as something we do every Saturday night.  However, this one is worth talking about for several reasons.  First, a young priesthood holder was baptizing his friend.  Baptisms are never routine events but this one was special because a friend was bringing his friend into the fold of Christ.  Second, the dad of the young man being baptized is a less active member and his mom has not joined.  This is the focus of the work of Salvation—to find less active and nonmembers and unite families in the gospel.  President Warne talked to the father, who is interested in coming back to church and in helping his wife learn about the commitments her son has just made.
Third, the branch president was late, so his young counselor conducted the meeting.  He also gave a great talk, without prior notice, about staying active in the church and being as diligent about learning the doctrines and commandments after baptism as before entering the waters.  Fourth, I was impressed by the missionaries who taught the young man, and planned and carried out the baptism, including a special musical number and refreshments.  Also another young man served as the pianist for the meeting, complete with prelude and accompanying the songs.

These young men and women are the future of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints.  They are strong, prepared, and spiritual representatives of the Savior.  We are blessed to be able to associate with them and help support them as they labor in the vineyard.  They are an example to me every day as I admire their fortitude, caring and attitude.  Just to sum up with another example, we were giving two sisters a ride to their appointment.  It was raining hard and we had to let them out on the street corner because the little lane was too small for our car.  We apologized for not taking them right to the house but one said, “We are missionaries!  This is what we do.”  And they happily ran off  in the rain to teach their lesson.  Experiences like these strengthen my testimony and my desire to do my best to serve here in Chile.  Hopefully, you have been touched also--thanks for reading.
Just a few of those great missionaries during interviews.
Keeping each other company during interviews

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