Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mission tour

As always here in Rancagua, Chile, we had an interesting week, although sometimes we go even further and call them crazy.  The facet of mission life we experienced this time was a mission tour by Elder Salas and his wife.  He is an Area Seventy from Buenos Aires, beginning last July.  Before that he was the mission president in Cordoba, Argentina.  It was a great combination for us because they gave us great advice about how to improve our mission.  Since they still vividly remember mission life, they were able to identify with our situation.

When we have a mission tour we always have zone conferences so the missionaries also learn from and benefit from our visitor.  Salas' came on Wednesday and left on Friday; during that time we had three zone conferences and a mission leadership council.   Each conference and the council had either a snack, a meal, or both. The sister who works in the mission home worked really hard as did the senior couples who also helped
with setup, meals and cleanup.

Here are a few of the notes I took during the time the Salas’ were speaking in the various meetings: We don’t want to see the Savior and be ashamed of what we didn't do.  If we don’t have faith we won’t see miracles, but we can see miracles every day.  Practice leads to mastery.  We have to forget ourselves so we can be in unity with the purposes of the Lord.  There was much more but I don’t have space to include everything.  As we have faith to change ourselves and put into practice these teachings, our mission will also change for the better.  See you  next week.
Zone conference pics

Elder and Sister Salas and us on the last day of their tour.

Zone conference pics

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