Sunday, June 15, 2014

Utah and Chile

     This week we attended two baptisms.  This subject may seem like an oft-recurring theme, but it is our primary raison d’ etre for being here in Chile.  I hope you might be interested in the contrasts and similarities between the two events.
The first baptism was Thursday night.  Our granddaughter was baptized in Utah, and thanks to modern technology we were able to attend via Facetime.  We were blessed with a clear signal which doesn’t always happen here and blessed to be part of a very special event even though we are six thousand miles away.
     The second baptism was Saturday night in San Vicente, a little pueblo about 45 minutes from Rancagua.  A woman whose life has been changed by her testimony of the truth and her two sons were baptized.  She has already used Facebook to share verses from the Book of Mormon with her friends!

     Even though the baptisms were geographically very far apart, the spirit we felt during each event was the same.  The joy experienced by becoming a part of the true church here on the earth was the same, also.  I bear testimony of the truth of our Church and of the importance of the baptismal ordinance as a beginning step along the road to return home to our Heavenly Father.  I am so grateful to be here in Chile with President Warne helping to support the work of the Savior in these last days.  We are grateful for the missionaries who give two years or 18 months to share the gospel, so that all may have a chance to experience the joy that comes from being baptized and from living true to the faith.  Until next week, thanks for reading.

breakfast with the elders.  It's World Cup time!

Lunch with the sisters.  They love our kitchen!

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