Sunday, June 8, 2014

Elder Robbins in Talca

We had another stake conference this weekend, this time in Talca.  Elder Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy was there along with Elder Chappe, an area seventy from Uruguay and their wives.  President Warne and I went down in time for the priesthood leadership meeting.  I waited at the hotel which was a nice change from staying in a cold classroom.
We both talked at the Saturday night meeting, and then got to listen to Elder Chappe and Elder Robbins and enjoy their messages.  I’d just like to share a bit of the talk given by Elder Robbins in the priesthood session.  (Obviously as reported to me by President Warne) 
He talked about obedience which is always a crucial issue in the mission field.  We need our missionaries to be 100 percent obedient, for their protection and for their success as representatives of the Savior.  Elder Robbins listed three levels of obedience: 1) obeying the rules because we are obligated to do so.  2) learning correct principles and obeying them because we want to have the Spirit with us—we desire an outcome.  3) following the doctrine because we want to be like the Savior.  For example, missionaries don’t have to be told to be obedient.  They follow the rules because they want to become like Him.  The Savior’s greatest sermon was his life.  What will our greatest sermon be?  It is something for us to think about this week—see you next time.

A faithful senior couple finishing their mission-we'll miss them.

Companions and also friends forever

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