Sunday, March 16, 2014

Earthquakes in Chile

We have had an interesting experience three times in the last two weeks.  We have felt temblors as we call them here in Chile or earthquakes as we say in the US.  The earthquake "season" was supposed to be between November and February, but we didn't have even a shiver.  The last temblor was yesterday, so apparently, any time is possible.  The strengths have been between 5.4 and 5.8 which, in Chile is usually noted and dismissed.  The earthquake here in 2010 was 8.8, just about the strongest ever recorded.

One missionary called this week because a member in his ward had told him to be prepared for the coming 11.0 terramoto and he wanted to know if that was true.  We told him not to worry because as far as we have heard, earthquakes cannot be scheduled nor their strength predicted.  However, I would like to make a few comments about our preparations for emergencies such as this.  Each missionary, including us, has an emergency backpack with supplies, including food, water, a flashlight, etc.

We also have an emergency plan for the mission, which President Warne recently updated. We are planning to remind or retrain the missionaries of this plan.  Basically, missionaries are supposed to remain in their houses, if possible, until told to gather elsewhere.  District leaders and zone leaders are to contact those for whom they have responsibilities and report back to President.  The office elders, including senior couples will work with the President to ascertain the status of each missionary and decide the best path forward based on the current circumstances.

If you are a parent reading this blog, please feel assured that we will do everything possible to protect and care for your missionary.  For everyone else, hopefully you found it to be of at least academic interest.  The sister who works here at the mission home says that it didn’t even move during the 2010 quake; it is basically a concrete box, which is why we have so many internet problems, but that is another story.  Hopefully we are not destined to have another huge quake, but we are as prepared as we can be. 
Our concrete box mission home!  We think it is beautiful

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