Sunday, March 23, 2014

Missionaries come and go

     The activities of the last few days of our mission life occur every six weeks.  We call them cambios or transfers.  It is one of the most difficult times because we must say good-bye to those we have come to love.  On the other hand we are happy because we are sending home missionaries who have grown and matured spiritually.  We have a final dinner with all the missionaries who are leaving and then each has an opportunity to bear their testimony.  It is a special and unique gathering, where we hear from those who have faithfully served the Lord for eighteen months or two years.  Almost universally they testify about how it has changed their lives for the better and how they want to continue serving when they return home.
     This time around is especially bittersweet because one of our senior couples is also returning home.  They are finishing their third mission and have definitely had a positive impact on us and all the missionaries here.  It is amazing that they have been willing to leave home and family three times, in three different countries in order to serve where called.  We are so grateful we have known them for the nine months we have been here.
     The other side of the coin is the fact that this week we get to greet our new missionaries.  We have welcomed the couple who is replacing the one mentioned above.  They came ready to work and are already doing a great job.  On Tuesday, twelve new missionaries arrive from the MTC in Santiago, ready to begin finding and teaching the people of Chile.  It is amazing to see these “news”, as we call them, remember the ones who have gone home and realize the growth of spirit and character they will experience during their mission.  We appreciate the chance to be here with them and hopefully, positively influence their lives.   Thanks for reading, and for supporting missionaries wherever you may be.

Missionaries coming and going

Our hardworking new office couple!

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