Sunday, August 17, 2014

Teach and preach as missionaries do

     On Friday night last week, we went with three sisters to visit a couple of their families.  It was such a great experience that I would like to share it with you.  Both families have members and hopefully, future members.  Both homes were humble, yet as we felt the testimony of these wonderful people and the spirit during the lessons taught by the sisters,  nothing else seemed important.
     Many times, members here in Chile struggle to attend church 
each week.  They don't own cars, and public transportation is often more expensive than they can afford.   But they welcome the missionaries as a support and as a means to teach the nonmembers in their families.
     The sisters we went with are each amazing.  One goes home this week and we will really miss her for her example of hard work and ability to happily share the gospel no matter what difficulties she faced with hard companions or reluctant investigators.  The second is amazing as she has grown in confidence both in the language and in preaching the gospel of Christ here in Chile.  The third sister is a wonderful example of both firmness and cheerfulness in her missionary service.
     Whenever we go out with the missionaries my testimony is strengthened as I see their commitment, testimonies, and love for the Gospel and the people.  I have learned so much during our time here about these young people who are willing to sacrifice a significant amount of time away from their families and other life concerns to serve the Lord full time.  It is a real privilege for us to associate with them and help them wherever we can.  I have come to realize the importance of a mission as a crucial training period where they may strengthen their testimony and learn habits of service which will benefit them, their families and the church for their whole lives.
     We are here in Chile serving full time, a special opportunity for us.  However, it is possible for each of you to aid the missionaries wherever you are and help them fulfill their purpose.  By giving them references, going to appointments with them, or even feeding them, you will bring blessings to yourselves, your families and the work of the Lord.

A special temple trip with these two sisters
Hard-working assistants!

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