Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thanks for serving

          We’ve had another change, which as you know in a mission is just life as usual.  Tonight we took a senior couple to the airport.  She served as the nurse and he worked in several areas: helping Latin missionaries learn English, apartment cleanliness and making sure emergency backpacks were filled and distributed to each missionary.  She spent many hours on the phone, waiting in emergency departments, and going to doctor’s appointments with various missionaries.  Together, they traveled the mission by bus to deliver medicines or other necessary supplies.  They were amazing in these areas and we will miss them very much.
          However, that was just part of how they served.  The elder played for sacrament meetings and for the choir in their ward, including the choir stake conference.  He was also called as a ward clerk.  She sang in the choir and supported the ward in many other ways: they both attended ward activities and correlation meetings.  They often visited ward members including those with challenges and also went out with the missionaries.  They fed the missionaries too many times to count. They were also great at planning get togethers for the senior couples which provided a much needed chance to relax and be together as a group. 
          Another reason to be impressed is that when they arrived 18 months ago, they didn’t speak a word of Spanish, yet today they both gave excellent and spiritual talks in Spanish.  They struggled, worked and progressed in many different areas during the time they were here and most amazing of all is that they are already thinking about another mission!  They serve as an example to all of us of how hard work and the Lord’s help can help us grow, change and do things we never thought we would.  I’m sending heartfelt thanks and love to this wonderful couple, the others with whom we serve now and have served.  Thank you!

Totally unrelated, but it was a great temple trip.
Thanks and good-bye to a great couple

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