Sunday, September 7, 2014

President´s schedule

            Last week I wrote about the nurse, her husband and their many duties.  As I was thinking about what to write this week, I thought maybe you would find it interesting to read about the many responsibilities of President Warne.  I am very impressed as I see him do a great job day after day,
            We have about 240 missionaries, so every week he receives about 230 letters.  Some are long and some are short, but he reads them all.  He interviews all the missionaries every third month, but has other interviews every week.  For example since this week is our transfer, he is interviewing about 15 missionaries before they go home.  If an elder or sister has a problem, they are always welcome to call and discuss it over the phone or meet with President in person.  Also at cambio time he has the final say in whether or not missionaries will transfer and where they will go, and also reads the applications for the new group coming in and pairs each one with a trainer.
            Obviously, he is in charge of training for the mission.  The assistants help decide the subjects to be presented at the various meetings, such as zone conferences or the mission leadership meeting, but President follows the Spirit to know what will help the missionaries do better.  These meetings require planning and so we have meetings with the assistants, plus a weekly office coordination meeting.   He is responsible for the success of the mission, i.e., baptisms, retention and activation.  He receives many reports from the mission, districts, stakes, area presidency, and general church leadership to analyze and then utilize. 
            Our mission has three districts and President Warne and his two counselors are very involved in helping them grow and eventually, hopefully, become stakes.  He has many of the responsibilities a stake president would have, such as temple recommend interviews, setting apart new missionaries and dealing with various obedience issues.  He has an obligation to develop close relationships with the three district and four stake presidents and cooperate with them in managing missionary work in their respective areas, which usually means a meeting at least once a month. 
            In more temporal areas, he must approve every financial transaction that takes place such as rent payments or ordering new mission supplies.  He makes sure that our missionaries’ houses are safe, and in good shape.  He has final say over medical problems and makes the decision if a missionary needs to return home to recover.

            With all these balls to juggle, it is no wonder that his hair is a little bit grayer than when we came.  I try my best to help where I can, but often he must bear the burden and in my opinion, does it extremely well.  Thanks for reading!
Scenery pics this week--Santiago temple
Gorgeous sunsets here-taken last night from an upstairs window

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