Sunday, February 8, 2015

Missionaries are the best

            We’ve had a great week with our daughter visiting.  We continued with mission responsibilities, and also did a little touring.  Her visit seems to have gone at light speed, but it has been wonderful.
            Monday night all the missionaries who are leaving in February and April (we don’t have a transfer in March), came to the mission home for a class about self-sufficiency.  The church is working hard to help missionaries adjust to their post-mission lives and developed this training to help them make good decisions about school, jobs and life in general.  Hopefully their time as a full-time missionary has prepared them to stay faithful and active in the church, and this training, although brief, will also help keep them on the right track.
            On Tuesday we went to the temple with those leaving in February.  As always it was an amazing experience to be in the temple with our missionaries; an unexpected blessing of being on a mission.  As I told the missionaries this week in my message on our web page, whenever someone asks me what surprised me about serving a mission or what is my favorite part of being here, my heartfelt response is about how much I love the missionaries.  As I watch their examples of hard work, spiritual growth, and I’m able to be with them, my testimony is strengthened and I am changed for the better. 
            Saturday we went to a baptism which we always enjoy, even though it was very hot inside and out.  A returned sister missionary from here in Chile also attended since she had helped teach the new sister as an investigator.  We don’t often see our returned missionaries since they usually live far away, so it was great to visit with her and hear about her adjustment to regular life.  So far she is still keeping the missionary schedule!
 Each baptism we attend is a great reminder of why we are here and what our focus needs to be.  If you have the chance to help missionaries wherever you are, I hope you will take the opportunity to assist them, learn to know them a little better and increase your own testimony as well.

Pizza, watermelon and popsicles--great summer meal!
Dining alfresco at one of our favorite places
Yes, another group shot at the temple
A few of the wonderful missionaries I am talking about
at mission leadership council

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