Sunday, February 1, 2015

Youth at Casa Blanca

            It has been another great, although hot week here in Chile.  I know my memory is faulty but I do not remember this kind of heat last year.  When the sun is blazing still at 6:00 p.m. I feel for the missionaries and hope they are surviving.  Very few homes have cooling systems so inside and outside are pretty much the same temperature.
            We had a great experience last Tuesday when we went to the EFY for the youth in our mission.  It was held at a camp owned by the church called Casa Blanca located about halfway to Viña del Mar; about 300 attended, including the counselors.  We were in the first part of the camp but a brother told us there are eleven more sections—it is gigantic.  The youth slept in big tents, with two bathroom buildings.  Also there is a pavilion area for meeting together and another with tables for meal time.
            President had been asked to do a presentation on missionary work—of course—as part of a rotation including three stake presidents and the Santiago temple president, an amazing group.  I served as support—cheering silently from the side.  He did a great job of having some stand as investigators and offer questions that a missionary might be asked by an investigator. He also asked them questions to bring out information they need to know when they consider serving; for example, who decides where you will serve, who will clean and cook for you, etc.

            We were impressed by their answers and ability to find answers in the scriptures.  It is clear that these wonderful young people are the future of the church here in Chile and seeing them together learning and participating in gospel discussions was amazing.  We are grateful to see them and play a small role in helping them along their road to becoming leaders, teachers and great members of the Church wherever they are.
Meeting in the main pavilion

tents set up for sleeping

Dining pavilion

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