Sunday, March 15, 2015

Conference season

            Once again, we have entered conference season.  Since we have four stakes and three districts, it means we have seven Sundays in about a two month period to attend a stake or district conference. 
            President attends the Saturday priesthood meeting, and then we go to the adult meeting Saturday night and the conference on Sunday morning.  He usually speaks at all three meetings while I only spoke occasionally.  I am trying to do better this time by speaking at every one, if they have time for me.  I have always felt challenged by speaking in church and sitting on the stand has never been a favorite activity—just one more area of many where I’ve had an opportunity to grow and change during this mission.
            It is a good experience to see the members in each unit gather for these meetings and also a thrill to see missionaries assigned to that area.  Now the elders attend the priesthood session and all missionaries come to the Saturday night meeting with or without an investigator.  Sometimes, when we are in a small branch with 20 people or less, it can be hard to remember the strength of the church here in Chile, but when I see the building full back to the cultural hall stage and hear the hymns, I am amazed and encouraged.
            In this weekend’s conference, all the speakers were excellent.  President
Warne even spoke last night in the adult meeting without prior notice.  Fortunately he had brought his ipad with his current talks on it, and did a great job without anyone noticing. 

            I realize I haven’t said much about missionaries in this post, but of course they form our central purpose.  This week President had interviews, we attended district meeting, we heard about illnesses and other health issues, and received many phone calls with questions on many different subjects.  I’m happy to report we have a wonderful, hard-working group of missionaries and we are doing our best to keep up with them.
            I am so sorry for only once picture this week.  I promise to do better next Sunday.
Hard working assistants and president after our weekly Sunday meeting.

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