Sunday, March 29, 2015

Typical mission week

            Last week we had a lot of fun here in the mission.  Is that allowed?  It was also much more peaceful than the week before.  The planning and pressure stemming from the mission tour with the Zeballos were over and we had a chance to catch our breath and catch up.
            Since we divided the mission into two conferences (normally we would have had 4-5) we had extra days this week and decided to meet with zone leaders.  We took the assistants with us and held a sort of informal conversation or discussion about their concerns or questions and President also asked for commitments in a couple of areas where the mission needs to improve.  We rely on the zone leaders extensively to guide their zones both by example and by teaching, including what they learn during the mission leadership council.  We also shared lunch, then hopefully left them encouraged and rededicated to improve both themselves and their zone.
            Last Monday we took one of our senior couples to the airport, and tomorrow we will take another couple.  We are very grateful for their service, sacrifice--all the good they accomplished here in the last 18 months.  We have only one new couple coming as a replacement, so, while we are very happy to welcome them, President is having a hard time deciding to which of the many possible areas they should be assigned.  That answer will come through the Spirit but we will keep hoping, along with all the missions I know of, and I’m sure many more, that we will receive more help in the form of more senior couples.

            In short, it was a typical mission week, full of training, challenges and changes.  We love it here and recognize that the time is passing by faster and faster.  We have so much left to accomplish but thanks for your support, in whatever form it takes—Thank you!
One of our zone leader lunches this week--what a great group.
They have only been gone a week, but we sure miss them.
A fun p-day lunch out with the senior couples

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