Sunday, June 21, 2015

Time for transfers

            This week we finished up zone conferences by holding one in Curicó and one in Buin.  Usually we start in Buin so we decided they could be last for a change.  We do the same program everywhere so it is more about how many times we practice before we get to the last group. 
            President Warne is spending a lot of time pondering transfers since they will be announced on Saturday.  Transfers happen every six weeks, and the missionaries look forward to them with trepidation or anticipation depending on the situation.  Our practice here is that coordinadoras, zone leaders and assistants are released from those callings one transfer before they leave, with a few exceptions.  This time we will replace 8 zone leaders and one assistant so it is a bigger than usual changeover.
            Part of the transfer process is deciding what companionships need to change or who could benefit by staying together.  We try not to leave missionaries in the same sector for longer than four transfers or six months, but occasionally it does happen.  President has a huge board in his office with pictures of all the missionaries in the various zones.  He doesn’t like to change it around too early, because it is hard to remember if a missionary is in the original position or if he has already been moved, but now in week 6 is the time to do it.  After all the changes are placed on the board he will ponder and pray over each companionship to ask for confirmation.
            One of the challenges as well as one of the blessings of missionary life is being with a companion 24/7.  Missionaries who are working hard each day finding, teaching and baptizing are also working at getting along and helping their companion to do the same.  However, we are well aware that none of us are perfect and some companionships don’t turn out well.  We don’t expect that every companion will become a lifelong friend, but we do want them to do their best to make it work.  We often tell them that their mission is a valuable preparation for the rest of their life and this is one way they can prepare for a spouse and a family.
            If you have a future missionary, one great way to help prepare them is to help them learn how to get along in many different situations and with different people.  In our mission, as do many others, we have missionaries from many different countries and backgrounds which we hope will help unity in their families, wards and the church.  See you next week.

They are a wonderful hardworking group of sisters
Sorry all sisters this week, but they are worth putting in the spotlight
All the sisters in Buin.  What a great group they are.

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