Sunday, June 7, 2015

Peor es Nada

            Today we visited a tiny branch in a village called “Peor is Nada” which means “Worse is Nothing”, an unfortunate name for sure.  Some of the first members of the church in Chile came from here, and they have had a chapel since the mid eighties.  Today there were four missionaries (us plus our assistants), five children, the branch president and four women.  There was no piano so the chorister sang the first line of the hymn, which is pretty common here in Chile--I’ve even done it myself.  Since today is Fast Sunday, everyone except the children were able to share their testimony.
            Everyone told us thanks for coming several times.  It is a real testimony builder to me that members in these remote places stay faithful and strong under difficult circumstances.  The children there are third generation members of the Church; however currently the missionaries only work one day per week since transportation is problematic.  Hopefully that branch will grow until that room is crowded and they need to ask for an even bigger one.  That is why we are here!
            Also this week we had our first two zone conferences—more to come on that subject next week.  They went well and the missionaries seemed to enjoy them.  We are currently remodeling the kitchen at the mission home so we served Papa John’s pizza one day and hot meat sandwiches called churrasco the other.  There were no complaints, so I’m pretty sure the missionaries were happy with our choices.

            We are happy to be here, to be serving with wonderful, hard-working missionaries and to be, hopefully, advancing the work of the Lord here in Chile.  Thanks and see you (so to speak) next week.

Tupahue zones at their conference.  They are happy with the
training and happy that it is lunchtime.

During each conference, two coordinadoras and two zone
leaders give a presentation--they always do an excellent job.
Chapel in Peor es Nada along with the communal chickens
Believe it or not, this area is supposed to be a plaza, and the
name is Joseph Smith Plaza.  Our elder says it looks better
in the summer.

Elders from the San Fernando zone conference

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