Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baptisms and blessings

     Last night the baptism we attended was a special experience, as always.  The man who was baptized is married to a formerly inactive member, which is part of the essence of the new focus in missionary work after the Work of Salvation: baptize, retain, and reactivate.  We challenge our missionaries to work in all three areas every day.  Now, hopefully, the sons of this new brother will see changes for the better in him and become interested in the church as well.  This couple has so much potential to help and strengthen their ward; they already have a goal to be sealed in the temple in a year.  We already invited ourselves to go with them!
            While we were eating the refreshments, I began visiting with a woman who has always been very friendly when we see her at various meetings.  She reminded me that her third son leaves on his mission in only two weeks.  Her two older sons also served missions, even though their father died within a month of their departure.  This wonderful faithful woman bore a quiet but fervent testimony of the blessings their family has had due to those two sons serving even after the death of their father.  She expects the same kinds of blessings for this son and is looking forward already to her youngest son going out in a few years.

            We are so grateful to be the president and wife who receive the sons and daughters you send out to serve and I know the other mission couples feel the same.  I told President the other day that when we sent our sons on their missions, it was kind of a limbo for us since we mainly had letters or emails for communication.  Then when they returned we could see the amazing changes and maturity that had occurred.  But now we are the ones here with them and we get to see that growth as it happens.  We see them change and we often hear of the blessings their families have received during their service.  It is a blessing that has changed our lives and we hope to stay in touch with our missionaries and continue to be part of their lives always.  Thanks for your part in raising them and supporting them while they are here.
mission leadership council at the church this month--they are a great group of leaders!

These sisters are way too happy to be having pizza for lunch!

At least we made them have apple slices also.  And ice cream is nutritious, right?

Our newest zone leaders and coordinadora

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