Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Since today is Mother’s Day, I am giving myself the opportunity to express my gratitude and love for my own mother.  She passed away four years ago, but I still often wish I could pick up the phone and “catch up”. 
She was and is an example to me of how to live righteously and stand firm in the gospel no matter what.  She and my father raised eight children who all went to college, married in the temple, and have raised their own families in the church.  I am also grateful to be a mother to six wonderful children who have all become responsible, loving and capable adults. 
Since we came to Chile, we have met and grown to love about 500 missionaries; “children for a time”.  We know we will only be with them for the short interlude of their missions, but we are grateful for that time and hope to stay in contact with as many as possible.  I was thinking today that when missionaries return home their families can see how much they have grown and matured.  But we have the unique opportunity to meet them as brand new missionaries and then watch the amazing changes that occur as they devote 18 months or 2 years to serving the Lord by teaching his children.

Certainly, none of us is perfect; we all have challenges and problems we must overcome.  However, my life has been changed for the better by the privilege of serving with these young people. The opportunity to claim these young servants of God as family during their missions, and friends after our return is priceless.  Happy Mother’s Day!

I love to be with the missionaries

Pday activity making cinnamon rolls

Happy missionaries after training, lunch and an activity.

Elders are always smiling--especially at lunchtime!

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