Sunday, May 3, 2015

Labor Day, lunch, and training

            Here we are, it is Sunday again and time for another post.  As usual, we spent the week in meetings with and training of missionaries.  We also started interviews on Friday, since that is our task for May. 
            May 1 is a big holiday in Chile—Labor Day.  Because pretty much everything was closed and hardly any transportation available, we had interviews at the mission home and the office elders helped out by delivering missionaries to us and returning them to their sectors after.
            Also last week, we went to lunch with the area medical advisor and his wife, who return home on May 7.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them and they have done a wonderful job here in Chile.  I’m sure it was a difficult challenge for them to serve here without speaking Spanish, but they worked hard, found ways around the language and made a difference.  They are definitely on the list of amazing people we have come to know and love during our mission.
            We also held the last two zone training meetings so I hope you don’t mind a couple more pictures of creative scripture reenactments.  During these meetings one of our talented senior sisters repaired clothing brought in by missionaries.  She is a valuable resource for this service because they have no other place to take repairs.
            Just to round out the week, we held mission leadership conference on Wednesday.  That way we avoided the transportation challenges of the holiday weekend.  It is always great to have the mission leaders in the mission home, not only as we are doing training, but also because we enjoy being with them; they also enjoy being with each other.  Sometimes we have to push them out the door!

            All in all, it was just another typical week in the Chile Rancagua mission, but thanks for reading, and have a great week.

mission leadership council--and wonderful missionaries

Even though we watched these 8 different times, we could

never figure out what they were showing.  But the missionaries could
always figure it out!

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