Sunday, April 26, 2015

Returned missionaries

            We are always sad and happy when our missionaries go home.  We are happy when they have worked hard, served well and it is time for them to return home to their families, school, work and the important task of finding a wife or husband (or getting reacquainted with the one they left).  All those things are wonderful, but we are also sad because we love them and know we won’t see them again very soon.  In the case of Latin missionaries, we might never see them again.
            With that background, we were thrilled to drive to Santiago on Saturday and attend the sealing of the sister of one of our returned hermanas.  They are from Mendoza, Argentina, which is about 8 hours by bus from Santiago.  The couple married civilly on Thursday, and then came to Santiago on the bus.  It was different from other weddings we have attended because, including the sealer and the couple, there were only 12 people in the room.  But the joy we all felt at being part of this wonderful ceremony was very much the same.
            Of course, we were also elated to see our missionary again, even if only for a few minutes.  We have missed her and were glad to hear she has a job, a boyfriend and a calling, so she is doing great.  Before we came on our mission, we were advised to start a Facebook page in order to keep trace of our returned missionaries and it really has been an amazing tool.  President is able to have online conversations, and we can also keep up with them through their posts.

             I know we only have these young people for a relatively short time, but we never want to lose track of them even after their return home.  Thanks to technology we can stay connected and hopefully remain an influence for good in their lives.  We love our missionaries!

The happy family outside the temple
They had classes, lunch and an activity--they are happy!

Great to see our sister again.

The Santiago temple is very busy on Saturdays
I couldn't resist another picture of charades.  If you can tell what they are picturing
you are better than I am.

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