Sunday, April 12, 2015

Transfers and baptisms

            We had a couple of interesting experiences last week here in Chile that I would like to share with you.  It was an interesting transfer on Tuesday because we only received one missionary.  He got a lot of personal attention in his orientation!  Also, as President Warne said, it was no surprise who was his trainer.  Meanwhile, eleven elders finished their mission, (no sisters) so we had to close four elder areas.  It is very difficult for President to decide which ones to close, because we don’t want to lose momentum anywhere.  I keep wondering, if, when we arrive at the level of 200 missionaries it will feel like a vacation!  I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, but we will definitely notice the difference during interview months and also when we are making zone conference meals.

            The other activity I’d like to include is the very special baptism we attended Saturday night in Buin.  The sister who was baptized is between 102 and 113 years old.  No one is sure because she received her Chilean identity card or carnet when she was around 7-9 years and it has been 102 years since then.  She has been a lifelong member of the Catholic church, but many of her family are members, and after listening to many different sets of missionaries, decided it was time to be baptized.  Her grandson baptized her, and today, her great grandson, who is also the branch president did the confirmation blessing. After the blessing, she told President, "God bless you"--very sweet.  The sister who gave the opening prayer last night told me she felt inspired to ask for a blessing on this new member that she can endure to the end, so although obviously no one knows how much longer she will live, it is never too late to accept Christ and become a member of His church.
I hope you don't mind these pictures because I
just love these missionaries.  These are the new
missionaries at the mission home for additional

The hermana from the baptism last night

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