Sunday, May 17, 2015


     I've been writing this blog for almost two years, something I never thought I would do.  I hope I have been able to share effectively some of the in and outs of mission life and also many of our experiences with the missionaries themselves.
     As I said in my testimony in stake conference this morning, it has been a great privilege for us to be here, doing our part to advance missionary work in this part of Chile.  I am certainly not giving a farewell speech since we have a long time left to be here, but we are feeling a bit of anxiety as we look back at the last two years and think of what we would like to accomplish before our time is over.
     Now that I am done philosophizing let's go back to our activities for last week.  It is hard to believe but it has been six weeks and we did our temple trip on Wednesday.  Tuesday night we bring them all to the mission home for an evening of training in self sufficiency.  We really hope this information helps returned missionaries in their adjustments back to normal life and with the many decisions they must make about their future.
     As I have said before, going to the temple is always a special experience--we look forward to being there with these very special young people who are finishing their missions.  Also in the conference today, a newly returned missionary gave an amazing talk--it is what I hope each of our missionaries is able to do in their home stakes and districts.  We feel strongly that worthy and faithful returned missionaries are the future of the church.  They will have the strength and ability to guide themselves and their families through the evils of our increasingly troubled world.
     If you are a parent or family member reading this blog, I would like to say thanks for supporting your missionary as they serve with us, and thanks for sending him or her out to serve others, grow and form or continue the habits of faithful church service that will last a lifetime and beyond.  Thanks for sharing our mission with us.
Lunchtime=happy missionaries
Hermanas first and elders second

We have just finished giving everyone flu shots

We always take a picture with our new coordinadoras or zone leaders

mission leadership council for April

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