Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seminar in Uruguay

            The subject of this post will be a little different since we were at the mission president’s seminar in Uruguay.  I hope you will enjoy a short report on our experience.  It does affect the missionaries because we come back ready to share what we learned at the seminar, and also with ideas to improve both our service and that of the missionaries.
            The seminar is held twice a year as I’ve said before; last year in October we went to Iguazu Falls in Argentina.  This year we went to Punta del Este, Uruguay, a beautiful coastal resort town on the Atlantic.  One of the major benefits of the seminar is the chance we have to be with other presidents and wives.  We exchange experiences, laugh together and enjoy being with friends we don’t see often but who are “in the same boat” as we are.
            The purpose of the seminar is for the area presidency to present information we need to improve ourselves and our missions.  They help keep us firmly on the right track and let us know of their concerns about how the South America South area is doing.  They teach us how to be better missionaries because like our young missionaries our focus is inviting people to come to Christ and be baptized.
            After, laughing together, eating delicious food, learning how to improve and feeling the spirit testify of the truth of what we are doing we have come home renewed and ready to work harder here in our part of the Lord’s vineyard.

            I hope you'll enjoy some of our photos from the seminar and next week I promise to have pictures of missionaries!

The wind blew fiercely much of the time.
We enjoyed a tour of the city--that is why we are casually dressed.

Punta del Este is a peninsula with the River Plata on one side
and the Atlantic on the other.

Our hotel--we were on the 15th floor so we had a great view.

A sculpture of five fingers coming out of the sand.  And the wind, again!

An amazing sunset and back to work after a great seminar

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