Sunday, November 30, 2014

Report: interviews, temple trip and training

I would like to apologize for not posting last week.  I kept waiting for pictures to add to the post and did not find any, and then it was too late.  Now I have pictures and I will try to be more organized in the future.
We have 245 missionaries in 12 zones; November is an interview month.  Since the transfer date for this cycle is December first, tomorrow, and we only interviewed two of the zones before our family week with our daughter and granddaughter, we had ten zones worth of missionaries to interview before the first.
            Maybe I am making it seem a simple math equation but of course the process is much more personalized.  During each interview President Warne tries to answer questions, challenge each missionary to improve based on their individual needs, and leave each one with a positive reminder of our love for them and also the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for them.
            Each missionary, by choosing to serve a mission has left behind family, school, friends and other interests and concerns.  They are dedicating their lives to finding people with whom they can share the truths of the gospel.  They must learn to coexist in harmony 24/7 with someone not of their choosing.  Although each of them writes a letter to President each week and may call at any time, this personal interview every three months is anticipated and cherished. (They also look forward to getting the homemade cookie that A____ makes.)
            We interviewed in the Rancagua and Tupahue zones Tuesday and Wednesday, went to San Fernando on Thursday, Curicó on Friday morning, then Talca Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  This week we went to Santa Cruz on Wednesday and finished with the other Curicó zone on Thursday.  Just to round out the week we attended the temple on Tuesday with the 29 missionaries who go home tomorrow and the next day and on Friday brought the missionaries and their trainers who are finishing their first transfer to the mission home for additional instructions.  The work goes on in Chile; please enjoy your week as well!
Lunch in the cultural hall after the temple

We happened to see several missionaries who will arrive on Tuesday.

Yes, 29 missionaries are going home tomorrow and the next day.
We will miss all of them!


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