Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mission President Seminar in Argentina

            Last week, President Warne and I flew to Iguazú Falls in Argentina to attend the semiannual seminar for mission presidents.  Both the setting and the seminar were wonderful.  The Sudamerica Sur area includes 28 missions in four countries: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.  The purpose of the meeting is to train us and also is a chance to associate with the other presidents and wives with whom we have a lot in common but only briefly see every six months.  We learned a great deal which we are eager to share with our missionaries, both from the teaching by the area presidency and from comparing notes with the other attendees.  It is also a good opportunity to evaluate our progress and that of our mission when compared to the standards and challenges given out by Elder Gonzalez, Elder Zeballos and Elder Viñas and their wives.  We have gotten to know some amazing people who also serve as mission presidents and wives, and feel blessed to be part of that group.
            It was also an amazing opportunity to see one of the wonders of the world.  I had heard of Iguazú Falls but even the pictures can’t really do justice to the spectacle.  One day we walked two of the paths close to the falls and took a boat ride that took us even closer—yes, we were soaking wet after.  If you ever have a chance to visit, go for it.  We were able to stay an extra day after the seminar and visited an amethyst mine, with an extensive gift shop of course, and a place with a Jesuit ruin—the Jesuits worked with the native Guaraní in that area for over 100 years.
            Even though we came home exhausted and had to leave on Saturday for a stake conference in Curicó, it was a memorable experience which will help us do a better job as mission president and wife and help our missionaries be better at finding people to invite people to come to Christ and change lives.  Enjoy the pictures!

Jesuit ruins in Argentina
President and I at the falls

Amethysts come from bubbles in the rock
Can you imagine the sound of roaring water and the feel of the spray?

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