Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mission stats and dats

            As I was thinking what to write about today, I went back and reviewed many of the older posts.  It seems to me I have definitely covered every aspect of missionary life at least once and several twice.  This week we have cambios or transfers and since that comes up every six weeks, I’m sure I don’t need to describe it again.   Also we are about to start interviews again, which I have also explained.  In short, mission life involves lots of changes but they occur in a regular and predictable schedule.
            However, since missionaries are still people, a wide variety of personalities, traditions and countries is represented.  It is an ongoing testimony strengthener to me that such a disparate group can bond together for the purpose of preaching the gospel.  Of course, it is due to the blessings of the Savior that missionaries can come, learn, grow, preach and baptize and return home to strengthen the church in their own wards and branches.
             Right now we have 242 missionaries, or we will again after Tuesday when 27 arrive.  181 are elders and we have 62 sisters, which is way down from our peak when we had 104 sisters.  Missionaries come from Argentina-8, Bolivia-1, Brazil-10, Chile-11, Colombia-7, Ecuador-4, El Salvador-1, Guatemala-3, Korea-1, Mexico-9, Nicaragua-1, Panama-2, Paraguay-2, Peru-30, Spain-3 and Uruguay-4.  Utah, of course is well represented as is Idaho.  We have 11 from Arizona-the same as from Chile plus three more who will arrive on Tuesday, plus various other states.
            As missionaries arrive from different countries, cultures and traditions, it is a real adjustment to learn to live 24/7 with a companion who is completely different.  However, the miracle is that for the most part they do it very well.  The common denominator, of course, is the purpose for which they came and the blessings they receive day to day.  We are grateful each day to be here with them and watch them grow even stronger in their faith and testimony.  Thanks for the comments about the blog you send with your missionaries and for sending them to serve the Lord here in Chile.

This board in President's office has all the missionaries' pictures

Seems like I show a lot of the go home groups at the temple, but here is the latest.

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