Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Reflections

            This past week in the Chile Rancagua Mission was very peaceful, in contrast to the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I’m guessing it was the same situation for almost everyone.  Now after the holiday week, we have enjoyed the chance to slow down a little, catch our breath and prepare for the New Year.
            As I have said before missions run on distinct time schedules: 18 months and 2 years of service for missionaries, a six week transfer cycle and so on.  We have been here in Chile for 18 months, which is the halfway point for us.   I refer to this because we have been reflecting on how fast the time has gone and how much we have left to learn in order to leave here satisfied with our level of service as mission president and wife.   
            I have also been thinking about my goals for 2015.  It is sometimes considered cliché to have goals but I am determined to better myself and be a better disciple of Jesus Christ.  We often challenge the missionaries to become more like the Savior, although we recognize that it is a lifelong challenge.  Still, the mission is a unique opportunity to focus on service, recognize and rely on the Spirit and I could go on and on. 

            Even with the many distractions of family, work and other pursuits, anyone can set a goal to progress toward more spirituality, more dedication to scripture reading or whatever is needed.  As the missionaries work hard this year to become better, will you accept the challenge also?  Let’s work together to become better people; and when we achieve our goals we will be closer to becoming true disciples of our Savior.  Thanks for reading and Feliz Año Nuevo!

Can you stand a few more Christmas pictures?  It has been so peaceful we don't have new ones.

A group of smiling elders--they love completos (hot dogs)!

This  group  left on December 18, a few weeks early, in order to start school or work

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