Sunday, January 18, 2015

Missionaries are wonderful

            This week has been full of activities: transfers, missionaries returning home and interviews.  Two sets of parents arrived to collect daughters and we enjoyed visiting with them.
            While missionaries are waiting for interviews, either at the mission home or in various chapels, I often have a chance to visit one on one or with a small group.  This opportunity is a privilege for me because at first I didn’t understand or speak enough Spanish to carry on a conversation.  Also, at meetings with 50 or more, or during the organized chaos of new arrivals it is virtually impossible to have a meaningful conversation.
            However, when I can get to know the missionaries individually, (they are very understanding when I ask the same question multiple times), I am continually impressed by their character, dedication and testimony.  They often say, “I want to do only what the Lord would have me do.”   They speak with love about their families and I realize again the sacrifices being made by each missionary and their families.  For example, one elder was working full time to help support his family.  He told me that at first, after he left, his mother really struggled, but now is doing well.  A sister missionary sacrificed three years of school to serve even though now she will have to start over.  Of course, many have postponed school or other activities to serve.
            None of us are perfect, but as President and I watch our missionaries work hard, sacrifice much, encounter miracles and grow stronger in both faith and testimony, our testimonies are also strengthened and we realize again what an amazing blessing we have to be able to serve with and know these amazing young people.  We are working hard every day to hasten the work of salvation here in Chile.  Thanks for reading.

Enjoying lunch after special training for zone leaders, coordinadoras and district leaders--90 missionaries!
Our latest group of new missionaries--26 this time
zone leaders enjoying being together for leadership council

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