Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas #3

            For our third Christmas we again delivered cookies to seventy-five percent of the missionaries.  Now that it is the last time everything went so smoothly!  Isn’t that the way things usually happen?  We spent Thursday getting the trays ready then left at 8:00 Christmas morning and returned home at 2:30.  It was so great to be able to greet each zone we visited and express our love for them.  President told them we were with them as our family in the mission field; just no presents:).  We appreciate the senior couple who took the trays to Talca and Curico and we appreciate the missionaries’ understanding the need to change district meeting to Christmas Day so we could make our deliveries.
            President worked hard to make sure everyone would get a chance to speak with family even if not exactly on Christmas Day, so even though a few had problems they were calm because they knew they could still try again another time.  Every one we have asked reported that they really enjoyed their calls and we also enjoyed the chance to visit with family on Christmas afternoon and evening.
            We are so grateful to be here with these missionaries.  It is hard to describe the love we felt as we shook hands and gave hugs in each place we visited.  Being on a mission at Christmas time can be hard, but we encourage them to reach out and serve.  As they focus on others, miracles happen. 

            We took a picture with each group so I’ll share a couple of them.  I hope that each of you also had a wonderful holiday.

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