Sunday, December 20, 2015

Feliz Navidad, 2015

      Here we are in the week of Christmas already.  Like all the months in the mission, December has flown by.  Missionaries often tell me that the days can pass very slowly, but the weeks disappear.   Often part of a missionary's final testimony is a comment about how long the time seemed at the beginning of their mission and then how astonished they are that it is already time to depart.
       As I have mentioned before this is our third Christmas and we are feeling a little nostalgic already.  We have about six months left to serve, and have begun planning activities and meetings for January, February and beyond.  We very much want to finish strongly and do everything we can to advance the Lord´s work during this final period of our mission.

        Some of our goals include visiting each branch one more time, reading the Book of Mormon before conference as we’ve been challenged by the area presidency, and working with the missionaries more closely through divisions and training.  We have two couples who will finish their time in 2016 and are also grateful for the two couples who are coming.  We feel the church is wise in calling mission presidents for three years--it will be good for a new president with fresh ideas and energy to come in and take our place.  Our goal is that at the end of June when we get on the plane, we will be sad about leaving Chile, the missionaries and the members, but we will have no regrets about our service.  Now I want to wish you a very good week and a wonderful Christmas.  Many thanks for supporting the blog.
  We said
good-bye to one hermana on Monday and hello to a new one
on Tuesday.

First day for new missionaries--small group this time!
One hermana, and five elders--we are very happy to welcome them.
We also had new leader training this week; these are our
amazing new coordinadoras.  Finally watermelon is

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