Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mastering Preach My Gospel

During our specialized training for this quarter we took time after lunch for a game which focused on the missionary´s knowledge of Preach My Gospel or Predicad Mi Evangelio as it is called in Spanish.  The missionaries were divided into their districts of six to eight missionaries and the assistants asked questions regarding specific lessons, commitments, principles and questions that come right out of Preach My Gospel.  The missionary who knew the answer had to run and touch a hymnbook held by one of the assistants and then recite it correctly.  It wasa lot of fun and amazingly competative.  We gave out Super 8 candy bars to the winning district each day.  We like using the Super 8 candy bar since there are 8 fundamentals to missionary work.  It would not have so great if there had been 9 fundamentals. 
The winning district from the Rancagua zones.
One of the great teams in Santa Cruz.
Some questions required remembering long lists of principles and commitments.
Of course no competition in the mission field can start till lunch is served!

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