Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weddings and transfers

            Hello, I’m back in Chile and back to writing this blog post.  I really appreciate President helping by posting on the Sunday I was sick and again last Sunday while I was home in Utah for our daughter’s wedding.
            The wedding and reception went beautifully for which I’m very grateful.  Thanks to technology President was able to talk with many who came to the reception.  I told the missionaries that I would like each of them to have a similar wonderful experience when they marry but also that they definitely should not be thinking about that right now!
            President and I are happy to be reunited.  After 2 ½ years of constantly working together it was really hard to spend time apart.  As I’ve said before, and as President often tells the missionaries, definitely one of the blessings of serving a mission is the chance to work closely together as a couple.  Our 39th anniversary is coming up and we are very grateful for our marriage and the uncountable blessings we have received because of it.

            This is transfer week in the mission and all the missionaries found out last night whether they will be going or staying and whether they will have a new companion or stay with the current one.  Many are happy, many are nervous and a few are disappointed with the announcement.  However, it is up to them how this new transfer will go.  We encourage them to work hard and ensure success with whatever companion and in whatever sector they may find themselves.  It is one of the many and varied benefits of serving a mission: to learn to adapt to new places and people and be able to get along.  It is a challenge to have to deal with an unhappy or lazy companion, but the Lord is ready to help and inspire in every situation.  It is a great opportunity to prepare for some of the challenges of marriage--we want each of our missionaries to have the same blessings that we do and look forward to hearing about their eternal companions!

Pictures from the news training last week.  Enjoy!

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